Our Favorite Pearl Jam T-Shirts and Band T-Shirts

Pearl Jam is an American grunge group originating from Seattle, Washington. The band was first formed in 1990, and are still playing today. The bands line up has remained the same with Eddie Vedder, Mike Mccready, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard. Pearl Jam has been very successful in the grunge scene, winning numerous MTV, American Music, and Grammy awards. Some of their most famous albums include Ten from 1991, Vs. from 1993 and their most recent, Let’s Play Two from 2017. Some fan favorites from these albums are the songs Black, Jeremy, Even Flow and Alive. Even today, Pearl Jam is still writing new music, and their hall of fame plague was just revealed, making the group more alive than ever.

This shirt here, the Pearl Jam Alive Stickman Band T-shirt is a classic tee featuring a stick man on the front. The base color of the shirt is black, with red and white colors decorating the front. The front of the tee features a white stick man with an abstract paintbrush effect. Above the stickman, the name Pearl Jam is written in all capitals with a red font color. Between the legs of the stickmen you can find the word Alive, also spelled in all capitals in a red font color. This indicates that the shirt was a promotional product for Pearl Jam’s 1991 album, Alive. On the back of the tee, a photo of a sheet of paper with all the albums tracks written down is visible.

This shirt is a slightly worn red tee featuring the logo from the front of the Lightning Bolt album, released in 2013 by Pearl Jam. The logo is a red, white and black eye with lightning bolts and a radio symbol hovering above it. Additionally, a lighting bolt darts right through the eye. Underneath the logo is the test Pearl Jam spelled in all capital letters with a smooth and slim white font. This tee is from Pearls Jams post-release tour featuring their recent Lighting Bolt album from 2013. This is visible from the tour locations listed on the back of the tee, right below the iconic lightning bolt eye logo printed once again.

The Pearl Jam Shark Cowboy tee is a classic, grey shirt with an interesting logo printed on the front. This photo features a colored drawing of a man in red plaid riding a shark. Directly above the logo is Pearl Jam printed in all capital letters in a large white font. This tee is simple, but elegant, making it a perfect addition to any Pearl Jam fans wardrobe.

The Pearl Jam Choices tee is a dark, yet an iconic piece of Pearl Jam clothing. The shirt is black, with a dirty yellow and grey front and back design. The front features a black and white photo of a toddler picking up a revolver. On the back, large yellow text spells “9 out of 10 kids prefer crayons over guns”. Without a doubt, this tee spells out a political message against the American gun law, a strong belief Pearl Jam supports as a band. The shirt is fairly controversial, but the strong message and vintage look make it one of a kind.